Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Word God Only Knows III 8

Her Episode... in Theory

Haqua vs The Establishment

So once upon a time there was a meeting of Devils. Then Haqua raised her hand up and blurted out something about a dangerous conspiracy in front of everyone.

Is there a ‘How to Paint a Giant Target on your Face’ Book? Because if so Haqua has definitely read it. Isn't there a limit to being straightforward and honest?

Well, she wouldn't be Haqua if she hadn't done that; so I guess it’s okay.

Well, minus the part where she got herself jailed and all. Yeah, that kind of sucks.


Like I wasn't going to use at least one Haqua picture
At last they meet again!

And fight over Keima. 

Of course. 

Seems like every goddess is looking out for the interest of her host. And poor Diana. To be the first one out yet have the least power.

Anyway, we get a little more info about Kanon’s state this chapter. Good news, she’s fine, and she could probably wake up if she wanted. Bad news, something really bad is going on with the city. It’s up to Apollo to hold back the effects; so no Kanon for a little more.

But hey, little Kanon is better than none.

The Conquest


Making the right choices will lead you to the best ending. That’s Keima’s philosophy, and it really is neat sounding, but isn't he missing something important here?

Really, for such a genre savvy guy, that he doesn't get what’s going on with Ayumi and Chihiro is kind of weird. Then again, people’s hearts aren't as easy as a game.

In any case, Keima finally decides to conquer Chihiro… can you really say conquer when the girl is already in love with you? … I guess using the world conquer in that sense is already weird enough.

Predictably things progress well. Too well even.

It’s so going to end in heartbreak.

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