Wednesday, August 7, 2013

HST Report #9

There is an obvious quote I could use here, but I won't. I am thinking it though

One Piece 717

And the battle continues.

Now if it only was a fight I cared about. Okay, Old man that fought Garp many years ago is tough. I get that. Knowing Oda this probably sets up a future plot point. Fine.

But how sad is it that the first actual challenging fight Luffy gets ever since the Time Skip happens here?

Now onto the important thing, and no, it is not the awesome match between one admiral, Doflamingo, and Law. Nope. We only get one page of that.

The important thing, the toys were people.

Yeah, wasn't expecting that and it is a pretty cruel thing to do. The question is why? For the first time in a while, I am actually curious about One Piece.

Naruto 642

Never change Naruto. Never change

So, Obito can really trash talk. Like, he is seriously good at the whole talking down his enemies into being miserable.

Now, there was really no way for Minato to know that was Obito. Blaming himself for it, is not all that reasonable, but feelings are not really reasonable, and Minato is a guy that feels he failed his student.

Good of Naruto to speak up at that moment. Guy is the only one that can counter Obito’s speech powers.

Now, it was good to see Sage Mode once more. Sure it may not be as powerful as Full Bijuu Mode, but there is something just badass about it.

Speaking of badass, that ending... damn! Evil Kyuubi to the rescue!

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