Saturday, August 24, 2013

Majestic Prince 20

We Honor the Best

The Fallout

Last episode two members of team Doberman lost their lives. The first moments of the episode are used to let the characters deal with that. The first scene with Rakesh in front of the two coffins and the subdued mood of Team Rabbits worked out really well. It was a somber moment that established the mortality of these characters.

Also, I really liked when Rakesh gave Tamaki the gift and her subsequent reaction. It was a bit of a gamble but it worked out really well.

I kind of feel sad for what could have bloomed between Patrick and Tamaki if given the chance.

The Sickness

Off Topic Picture but Nice Dress

And it strikes!

Past episodes have hinted there is something wrong with Izuru and it finally shows in this episode.

Apparently, being a really good giant robot pilot has some downsides. Who’d have thought?

Izuru is… in really bad shape. With trembling hands and all. The guy is shaving years off his life.I can’t imagine how he is going to pilot in that condition. AHSMB are really dangerous things.

Will they ever be able to work out those kinks or are all our heroes doomed to the same fate?

The Brother

So I should probably talk about the war meeting and negotiations and Not Lacus revealing herself.

Time for the last fight and all.

As a side note: The end is coming way too soon for my tastes. Please, let there be a second season!

Anyway, who care about complex politics! Izuru and Asagi are bros! Like actual brothers!

Kind of.

Turns out their DNA donors or whatever as kind of the same.

It’s a really weird combination.

Does that make Izuru/Not Lacus Incest?

Also, Izuru’s reaction to Asagi’s deep, dramatic revelation was priceless. I love that guy.

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