Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spotlight: Saint Seiya Omega

A New Generation!

Welcome one! Welcome all! To the Last Post of Saint Seiya Month, Saint Seiya Omega!

The Setting

What shall I say here that you don’t already know if you have been following these posts?

Well, this is a sequel. Same basic set up and all. Athena. Saints. Gods. But! Omega is set in the future. That means a new generation! New bad guys! New heroes!

A new Pegasus Saint!

Also, Omega is an anime-only sequel. Kind of like GT.

Only, you know, it doesn't suck. Unlike GT. Which does.

That’s kind of really important to mention.

The Story

The Pegasus!
Once upon a time some really badass guys saved the world and all. Now it’s time for a new generation!

Enter, Kouga! The new generation Pegasus Saint! … who’d rather not do the Saint thing... Seriously, why can’t other guy do the job? Whatever happened to free will? Career choices anyone?

Of course, Kouga may not have a choice in the matter. When the Martians… Okay, yeah, Martians. From Mars. Working for Mars, god of war. Yeah…Martians...go ahead. Get the jokes out of your system. 

Done? Okay.

When the Martians Attack, it’s time for a new generation of Saint to step up!

Can five teenagers with attitude save the world!

Well, duh!

How it Manages

Female Gemini Saint? Sold!

Surprisingly well for an anime only sequel.  Kouga makes for a likable enough protagonist and he really captures that Never Give Up spirit, the Pegasus Saint must have. Yuna and Souma make decent additions to the cast, and Eden is okayish.

Haruto… honestly you could write him out of the show and you really won’t lose much. The whole Ninja Saint angle just isn't that interesting. Ryuho is decent enough, but most of his plots revolve around Shiryu being his dad and stuff.

Kouga is at times maybe a little too ignorant of his world. Sure, they do that stuff to make it easier for the viewers to receive exposition, but given his circumstances they really overdid it in the first episodes.

Fans of Saint Seiya, may be leery of some of the changes made. For example, the armor design has changed to a less… well, armor like look. There is an explanation for why, but you won’t receive it until later on in the series.

Now, the show takes a little while get really started, but once it does it is really good. The Sanctuary arc increasingly ups the quality all the way to the final fight and it is one Epic Finale. Seriously, one entire episode of awesome!

The Second season is not as a good in my opinion. The arc had potential but the power scaling is all messed up.

In any case, the first season is definitely worth the watch. Nice Moments. Cool fights. And, the most important thing, Burn My Cosmo!

Now, with that Saint Seiya Month is over. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Final thing, no update tomorrow.

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