Friday, August 16, 2013

Majestic Prince 19

Sleep Well


After a battle, porn! There’s wisdom there. Lots of wisdom. Randy is a wise man. Strict Big Sister Type FTW!

Joking aside, I love little moments like this. Majestic Prince has lots of downtime moments between the characters that give time for some nice character interaction.

Plus, porn.

Still, no idea what gender Ange is though. No, more importantly what’s up with that sort of reaction? Personality switch right there? What’s up with that weird monologue?

Wait, does that mean she/he gets off on battle?

Death Flags

Hello Friend-zone
… those… are death flags, right?

I am not imaging it or something? The guy really asked, what do you plan on doing after the war? The other showed a picture of his fiancée?! Death Flag! They are death flagging so damn hard.

They are told they are going on a dangerously hard mission!

They even make promises for after the battle!

Guy even makes a personal resolve to confess!

What’s up with the obvious death flags? Is this some reverse psychology? Like, “well there is no way someone with that many death flags will die because it’s too obvious?”

Or maybe it’s reverse reverse psychology, where you think it’s too obvious so they are not going to do it but then they surprise you by being obvious?

Team Doberman

The Hero

A moment of silence please. For Team Doberman.

Team Doberman went on a suicide mission and accomplished their objective despite overwhelming odds.

They fought and died like heroes.

The battle was good like always. Some moments were especially good and the first OP makes a great battle music.

Oh, and Randy at the end? Pure badass.

I… actually feel sad. Genuinely sad. I knew this was coming. The moment they were introduced it’s like they had a giant ‘Expendable Side Character’ seal stamped on them. They were going to die. It was a matter of time.

Yet… I liked them. I really liked them.

Go Team Doberman, may you rest in Giant Robot Pilot Heaven with guys like Kamina and Gai Daigoji.

Also, to the one guy who survived. Go dude. You have a wife waiting for you.

Final Thing, no update tomorrow.

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