Tuesday, August 13, 2013

High School DxD New 6


So lots of things this time where to start…oh right!

God is Dead

So our heroes fight against Kokabiel, but it’s no use. Even Rias boosted by Issei’s power is no match for him.

Really, the guy is just laughing his way through the fight, and like every other villain with an overwhelming advantage, he decides it’s time to what villains do best, Taunt.  The verbal smack down. The insults! The part where you reveal plot sensitive information to your defeated enemy.

Like say, Akeno being the daughter of a Fallen Angel.

Or God being dead.

Yeah… who saw that coming? … well, obviously the Light novel readers did, but play along would you?

Sidenote: Akano flag! Spotted!


Stylish White
Now times like this is why it is nice to have this guy as the protagonist. World shattering revelation?

Who the hell cares!       
Even in the darkest moments, Issei just wants to have a harem.

An honest pervert is a blessing.

But seriously, seeing him actually get tempted by Kokabiel’s offer made me chuckle, and Rias' counter offer was just great.

Him getting a power up from that? Priceless.

A lewd and hot-blooded host indeed.

Sidenote 2: Another Akeno Flag!

The Rival

Falcon Punch!

Now obviously, it's time for one last battle... what? It's over already? ... Did Kokabiel just get owned in record time?

Who the hell is that impossibly cool guy?

So… Issei has to beat that guy…. He’s screwed.

Seriously, look at him!

Issei even lost the chance to suck Rias’ boobs. There is no bigger loss than that. This Round totally goes to Vanishing Dragon.

But hey, Xenovia joined team, Kiba has dealt with his issues, and Issei still has a steady client… who is a fallen angel.

Sometimes, it does not pay to be a demon.

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