Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HST Report #11


One Piece #719

And we’re back with… the Coliseum fight. Great…

We do get a flashback out of the whole thing. Apparently old guy had the weirdest head disfigurement ever. Garp did a service to us all and punched his head into proper shape.

Like a hero.

Seriously though, I would probably be pretty pissed if my key to immense treasure was… punched in like that.

Also, it seems like Luffy has punched it back in place. The villain.

But yeah, please let us move on from this.

Naruto #644

Yin and Yang, Together Again... Also is his crotch on fire?

Okay so that was a really clever trick. Like really clever. Nice to see Naruto coming up with that stuff, yet having trouble explaining how it all works out. Even as he becomes smarter, Naruto is Naruto. Fun.

We can also add another check to the list of Jutsu Tobirama came up with. Guy was a busy man.

As an aside the interaction between Naruto and Sasuke this chapter is kind of interesting too. It’s not often that you see Naruto being the one to take command between the two. More than that though, Sasuke was only planning on saving Naruto and Juugo there. Nice show of priorities there.

As an aside, where is Sarutobi? Seriously. He is not dead is he? I really hope not.

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