Tuesday, August 27, 2013

High School DxD New 8

White vs Red


So we start where we left of last episode. With the Vanishing Dragon’s Host introducing himself to Issei. THEN they fight- okay they don’t really fight.

Xenovia and Kiba arrive just in time… but not really. As Vali points out, they can’t do a thing to him. The entire Gremory team tried their hardest against Fallen Angel Boss, yet they failed. Vali came in and turned the guy into a random mook in record time.

Level 10 characters have no right to challenge such a high level Boss.

He also gives a bit of added explosion of the world ranking. To not even be in the first hundred, let alone the first thousand… are these Disgaea levels we are using here?


You were expecting a Xenovia picture, weren't you? Naive!
Talk about one track mind.

Bringing up condoms in front of everyone and asking when they are going to do it.

Shouldn't there be a limit to lack of awareness. Well, more to the point, just what did they teach these girls if Asia had no idea what a condom was.

Even more to the point though, Issei’s two friends are obviously agents of justice.

There is a limit to how lucky a guy can be.

Really, just go ahead and get laid. She’s asking for it. Literally.

Sidenote: Akeno is getting bold.  Awesome!

The Festival

And all across the world, every Teen was struck with Empathy

So Issei was really good at art. Who’d have thought?

The guy’s perversion defies common sense.

Meanwhile, we get to meet another one of the Demon Lords and we find out they are all really embarrassing.

Whether you’re a demon or not, the shame of having your parents come see you at school is all the same.

Especially when they bring cameras.

Some Hells you just can’t escape from.

How tragic.

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